What Not To Do On The D-Day…A Few Tips From Wedding Photographers, Warwickshire

Wedding photography is a tedious and artistic job. Hence, mistakes can really mess up the entire project as well as the reputation of a photographer. Photographers from Warwickshire list a few common mistakes listed at http://www.hemsleyphotography.co.uk/ also that should be avoided:

* The schedule for the days has not been decided and finalized.

* Unexpected changes to the schedule.

* Deviating from taking main pictures by interference of people asking to take their pictures.

* Not letting the posers know what expression to put in a particular shot.

* Not getting a helping hand.

* Taking too many pictures and missing out on candid ones.

* Not capturing the ‘first look’ of the bride or groom as they have special expressions.

* Trying to take the ‘perfect’ picture and missing details

* Not hiring a professional.

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